There’s a fatal flaw running through her, like a hairline crack in a Ming dynasty vase, but that very imperfection makes me love her with even greater tenderness.
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Fall on your knees whenever you pronounce it.
Her measure of unhappiness was as full as yours of happiness.

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Scanned from the WSS souvenir brochure. Katie Hall as Maria.  

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Cosette’s Redesigned Wedding Dress! (Most are from the concert, the rest are from the tours)

As requested by isawhimoncethenhewasgone.

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He was never mine to lose.

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20/50 pictures of musical theatre

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"Jean Valjean listened to her without hearing her. He heard the music of her voice rather than the meaning of her words; one of those big tears which are the gloomy pearls of the soul, gathered slowly in his eye. He murmured:
'The proof that God is good is that she is here’.”

John Owen-Jones' Valjean with Cosette
requested by anon.

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